A Celebration of Humanity

Barrier-Free College of Liberal Arts

Fully accessible online university that values diversity

 Faculty has diverse members, including those from minorities, 

Students are diverse in age, physical, mental, and cultural backgrounds  


Aiming at inclusive society.

Planning to open in 2026

We have been asking for donations and investments with a goal of 50 million

yen by January 2024.  We achieved our goal.


We appreciate you all so much!



 We ask for donations for the second round, so please !!

Liberal Arts for Everyone

Fully Online, Fully Accessible for Anyone

33 Subjects Taught by Deaf Teachers in Japanese Sign Language

Learning Liberal Arts from Minorities - LGBTQ, Okinawan Culture, etc.

Towards Society where People from any Background can Learn and Work

Lifelong Learning 

Try Supporting Persons with Disabilities and Foreigners

Long-term Study System for Students with Severe Disabilities and Intractable Diseases 

Learning Diverse Languages 

Climate Action―Digital library & Used-book Library

Love Animals, Love Nature, Value Life!